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LIFX plugin now available

We are pleased to release the new plugin for LIFX lighting, when using a Fibaro Home Centre 2 controller.

Those who are using a Vera controller, and the LIFX plugin from the Vera App Store, these are also now identified and supported.

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Need your Google Home to pickup new devices.

Smart home devices can become extremely complicated. You have to use different apps for each brand, and new devices you add might not be visible to a Google Home. Google has now solved this problem, with a new voice command.

You can now say “sync my devices” to Google Assistant (on your phone, Google Home, etc) to refresh all of your smart home services. For example, if you have an automationbridge, Philips Hue lights and WeMo outlets, Google will pull the full list of your devices from those services. You can also just refresh a certain category, with something like “sync my lights.”

If you ever have issues with new lights and/or devices not appearing to your Google Home, now you can just use one command instead of disconnecting/reconnecting the entire service from your Google account. So much more convenient.

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Google Home not understanding you?

Is your Google Home device not understanding some phrases for your home automation control, there seems to be issues with the ‘start ABC’ and ‘activate ABC scene’ being picked up by the device.

You can fix this by adding Shortcuts via your home app, for example you can create a shortcut ‘off to bed’, that will activate a scene.

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